Dominion (Card Game) Wiki

I've playtested this card in a 3-person game twice; it was interesting.

I have been using it as a prize card, as I only had one blank and wanted 6 prizes for Cornucopia.

I think $6 would be a fair supply price though, it allows you to essentially trade it for a card you would

have gotten intead, but it is taken from an opponent's deck. (mwahaha)

It also allows you to see everyone's hand if you take no cards from each successive person,

except perhaps the last person.

This also allows you to heist other prizes (which have cost ZERO)

or black marketed-cards, further wreaking havoc on those "strategies".

Obviously, hitting someone up for multiple Provinces would be the sweet spot,

totally worth losing a buy, and the card itself. (But when to go "all in"? Right!?)

The card is balanced (in theory) by it being the beginning of your latest discard.

    • Biggest downfall: Anyone who understands the card figures out how to always defend,

until everyone has a reactive hand nearly every turn.

NOTE: Implied but not perfectly stated; the player of this card may not "go back/change their mind"

and reconsider what the last player in reverse turn order had to offer for the pickins...



Action – Attack (Cost: $6)

In reverse turn order, opponents reveal

their hand one-at-a-time, until you take

from CURRENT single opponent: ANY amount of

Provinces; or ANY single other card, and

place the card(s) into your hand.

-1 Buy (unless you take no cards)

Upon clean-up:

Shuffle all your other discarded cards and

place them under your deck, leaving only

this card discarded.

IF you gained a card costing 6+, simply trash

this card.

-Roy S.