Dominion (Card Game) Wiki


Big Money (BM) is a simple Strategy for Dominion that may help beginners understand more advanced Dominion play in the long run. Big Money involves buying Treasure Cards, very often with a couple of Action cards (usually a drawing variant) to complement the strategy.


A general Big Money strategy will be as follows:

On your first two buys, purchase your Action card and Silver. (if you can afford the Action card; If not, you buy double Silver instead)

On your next reshuffle, buy the second Action Card and the highest available Treasure Card you can buy.

If you hit $8, do not immediately buy Province. Wait until your deck has about 2 Golds in it to Province.

Once you decide to Province, you must commit to it. You may still buy Gold on a $6, but only once or twice more. Gaining Duchies is much more important than Gold at this point. However, do not buy Estates until you are sure you will not see your deck reshuffled again. At a later point in the game, you may buy a third Action card, which may end up being more useful than a Silver.

How Good is Big Money?[]

As always, the best strategy depends on the Kingdom. Playing Big Money with Action Card support is almost always better than playing Big Money without any support at all. However, Big Money is on average weaker than even weak Engines, because Engines not only can catch up and score points quicker as time goes on, but also tend to have have pile control for surprise endings. A general question to ask yourself when considering a Big Money strategy is to calculate whether the game will last long enough for a potential engine to catch up. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that when in doubt, go for the Engine.

Big Money games tend to occur when there is either no real engine, or such a weak engine that it is pointless to pursue. For example, a board without any Villages or Buys will often be a terrible board for an Engine. However, just because a board has no Village or Buy does not mean that Engine is not the best play. As a quick example, a Kingdom with Treasury and Expand will end a Big Money strategy rather quickly in it's tracks.

However, there are some Big Money strategies that are notable in strength and should always be considered as options, such as BM JackOfAllTrades or BM Wharf.