Dominion (Card Game) Wiki


I'm the second person to add anything to this wiki after David707. I look forward to helping as much as I can.

Name: Kurt

Location: Rockford, Illinois, USA

Occupation: Architectural Draftsman/Intern for commercial and residential building.

My interest in Dominion[]

I got interested in Dominion about October of '09. I quickly got addicted and received Intrigue and Seaside as Christmas gifts from family. I play often with my fiancee (she's getting pretty good!) and whenever we visit my parents, my mom enjoys playing it as well. I also play against a friend from college on BSW. I probably excel most at games that involve Gardens and Duke.


Aside from Dominion, I enjoy other board games (mostly abstract strategy) and video gaming. You can find me at under the same screen name. My biggest hobby is collecting comic books. I currently have over 2300. I also enjoy visiting my family and hanging out with my fiancee.

School, Career, and Life[]

I went to University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign for Architectural Studies between 2000-2004. I joined Alpha Rho Chi - a professional fraternity for architecture students. After a brief time in Seattle, Washington (going for a second degree but deciding it wasn't for me) I came back to Illinois to be closer to family and got a job with a Development group in the Architecture Department. My job involves designing layouts for potenital tenants, designing storefronts, rendering 2D and 3D models for presentations, and creating construction documents.

Along with my parents, I have an older sister who is married and has 2 kids who I love to spoil. I met my fiancee the summer of 2007 and I proposed last year. We live together with her pet cat, Scotchie.

That's me!