Dominion (Card Game) Wiki


Dominion: Prosperity is the fourth expansion for Dominion. This expansion includes Kingdom, Treasure and Victory cards, but requires the Basic cards from the Base Game or Intrigue.


  • 300 Cards:
    • 250 Kingdom cards
      • 10 each of Bank, Bishop, City, Contraband, Counting House, Expand, Forge, Goons, Grand Market, Hoard, King's Court, Loan, Mint, Monument, Mountebank, Peddler, Quarry, Rabble, Royal Seal, Talisman, Trade Route, Vault, Venture, Watchtower, and Worker's Village.
    • 24 Basic cards
      • 12 Colony (Victory card)
      • 12 Platinum (Treasure card)
    • 25 Randomizer cards
    • 1 Blank card
  • Instruction Book