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Seaside is the third game in the Dominion series and the second expansion to the Base Game, it requires the Base Game or Intrigue to play Dominion, since they provide the Basic Cards.


Dominion: Seaside


All you ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. And someone who knows how to steer ships using stars. You finally got some of those rivers you'd wanted, and they led to the sea. These are dangerous, pirate-infested waters, and you cautiously send ratinfested ships across them, to establish lucrative trade at far-off merchant-infested ports. First, you will take over some islands, as a foothold. The natives seem friendly enough, crying their peace cries, and giving you spears and poison darts before you are even close enough to accept them properly. When you finally reach those ports you will conquer them, and from there you will look for more rivers. One day, all the rivers will be yours.

2-4 Players

30 Minutes

Ages 8+


  • 300 Cards:
    • 262 Kingdom Cards
      • 10 each of Ambassador, Bazaar, Caravan, Cutpurse, Embargo, Explorer, Fishing Village, Ghost Ship, Haven, Lighthouse, Lookout, Merchant Ship, Native Village, Navigator, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Pirate Ship, Salvager, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Tactician, Treasure Map, Treasury, Warehouse, and Wharf.
      • 12 "Island" (Action-Victory Kingdom Card)
    • 26 Randomizer Cards
    • 12 Blank Cards (11 action, 1 randomizer)
  • 18 Player Mats:
    • 6 each of Island, Pirate Ship, and Native Village
  • 15 Embargo Tokens
  • 25 Coins
  • Instruction Book


Seaside Kingdom Cards: