Dominion (Card Game) Wiki

Fan Cards are Cards made by Dominion players that are no way official nor officially endorsed

Stage 1: Invention[]

The Invention Area is the first step to creating a card. Here you can post initial ideas, rough drafts etc. If they get a positive feedback, they may be moved to stage 2.

Stage 2: Refinary[]

The Refinary Area is the second step to creating a card. To post here a card must have either got positive feedback in stage 1 OR you may skip stage 1 if and only if the card is well thought out and playtested. Here cards are tweaked, given pictures if necessary and it is ensured they are not "broken".

Stage 3: Publishing[]

The Publishing Area is the final step to creating a card. Cards are moved here only after passing stage 2. Cards here have been proven to be well made, well balanced and have been playtested. This is where to go to get quality cards that are (almost) as good as the real thing.