Dominion (Card Game) Wiki
Type Victory
Effect Worth 1 VP for every 10 cards in your deck (rounded down).
Cost 4 Coins
Set Dominion: Base Set
Illustration Matthias Catrein

Additional Rules from the Rulebook[]

This Kingdom card is a Victory card, not an Action card. It does nothing until the end of the game, when it is worth 1 victory point per 10 cards in your Deck (counting all of your cards – your Discard pile and hand are part of your Deck at that point). Round down; if you have 39 cards, Gardens is worth 3 victory points. During set-up, place 12 Gardens in the Supply for a 3 or 4 player game and 8 in the Supply for a 2 player game.

The Secret History of Gardens[]

In an article on Board Game Geek, Donald X. Vaccarino commented on the development of Gardens:

Originally the main set had a different special victory card. I swapped this in, taking it from the 6th expansion, because this one was less narrow - there are more "tables" (sets of 10 kingdom cards) that make Gardens a viable strategy. At one point Valerie put this on a list of cards she thought could leave the main set, but I defended it and she didn't fight it.[1]