Dominion (Card Game) Wiki
Type Action
Effect Each player passes a card in their hand to the player on their left. You may trash a card from your hand.
Cost 3
Set Intrigue
Illustration Franz Vohwinkel

Additional Rules from the Rulebook[]

First you draw 2 cards. Next, each player (all at the same time) chooses a card from his hand and places it face down on the table between him and the player to his left. The player to the left then puts that card into his hand. Cards are passed simultaneously, so you may not look at the card you are receiving until you have chosen a card to pass. Finally, you may trash a card from your hand. Only the player who played Masquerade may trash a card. This is not an Attack and cannot be responded to with Moat or Secret Chamber.

The Secret History of Masquerade[]

In an article on Board Game Geek, Donald X. Vaccarino commented on the development of Masquerade:

This card debuted in the 3rd set, moved to the 5th set, and finally ended up here. I wanted another interactive card and Dale wanted another card that cost 3. This was both so in it went. The premise of the card is the pass-left ability, and the rest of the card struggles to make that part good enough. You draw two cards first so that you're more likely to have a bad card to pass; you can trash a card afterwards so you can cope with getting passed a bad card. This card can hurt you, but isn't an attack. It would just be too confusing figuring out what Moat did to it if it were an attack.[1]