Dominion (Card Game) Wiki

Dominion recommended sets of 10 with the 2nd Edition cards


Dominion 2nd Edition 2008 (2016)

Dominion Alone

First Game: Cellar, Market, Merchant, Militia, Mine, Moat, Remodel, Smithy, Village, Workshop

Size Distortion: Artisan, Bandit, Bureaucrat, Chapel, Festival, Gardens, Sentry, Throne Room, Witch, Workshop

Deck Top: Artisan, Bureaucrat, Council Room, Festival, Harbinger, Laboratory, Moneylender, Sentry, Vassal, Village

Sleight of Hand: Cellar, Council Room, Festival, Gardens, Library, Harbinger, Militia, Poacher, Smithy, Throne Room

Improvements: Artisan, Cellar, Market, Merchant, Mine, Moat, Moneylender, Poacher, Remodel, Witch

Silver & Gold: Bandit, Bureaucrat, Chapel, Harbinger, Laboratory, Merchant, Mine, Moneylender, Throne Room, Vassal

Intrigue 2nd Edition 2009 (2016)

Intrigue Alone

Victory Dance: Baron, Courtier, Duke, Harem, Ironworks, Masquerade, Mill, Nobles, Patrol, Replace

The Plot Thickens': Conspirator, Ironworks, Lurker, Mining Village, Pawn, Secret Passage, Steward, Swindler, Torturer, Trading Post

Best Wishes: Baron, Conspirator, Courtyard, Diplomat, Duke, Secret Passage, Shanty Town, Torturer, Upgrade, Wishing Well

Intrigue & Dominion

Underlings: Courtier, Diplomat, Minion, Nobles, Pawn ● Cellar, Festival, Library, Sentry, Vassal  

Grand Scheme: Bridge, Mill, Mining Village, Patrol, Shanty Town ● Artisan, Council Room, Market, Militia, Workshop

Deconstruction: Diplomat, Harem, Lurker, Replace, Swindler ● Bandit, Mine, Remodel, Throne Room, Village 

Seaside 2009

Seaside Alone

High Seas: Bazaar, Caravan, Embargo, Explorer, Haven, Island, Lookout, Pirate Ship, Smugglers, Warf

Buried Treasure: Ambassador, Cutpurse, Fishing Village, Lighthouse, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Tactician, Treasure Map, Warehouse, Wharf

Shipwrecks: Ghost Ship, Merchant Ship, Native Village, Navigator, Pearl Diver, Salvager, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Treasury, Warehouse

Seaside & Dominion

Reach for Tomorrow: Cutpurse, Ghost Ship, Lookout, Sea Hag, Treasure Map ● Artisan, Cellar,      Council Room, Vassal, Village

Repetition: Caravan, Explorer, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Pirate Ship, Treasury ● Festival, Harbinger, Militia, Workshop

Give & Take: Ambassador, Fishing Village, Haven, Island, Salvager, Smugglers ● Library, Market, Moneylender, Witch

Seaside & Intrigue

A Star to Steer By: Lookout, Treasure Map, Ghost Ship, Haven, Outpost ● Secret Passage, Diplomat, Swindler, Wishing Well, Courtier

Shore Patrol: Island, Wharf, Cutpurse, Lighthouse, Warehouse ● Patrol, Replace, Shanty Town,        Trading Post, Pawn

Bridge Crossing: Salvager, Embargo, Smugglers, Native Village, Treasury ● Lurker, Nobles, Duke, Conspirator, Bridge

Alchemy 2010

Alchemy & Dominion

Forbidden Arts: Apprentice, Familiar, Possession, University ● Bandit, Cellar, Counsel Room, Gardens, Laboratory, Throne Room

Potion Mixers: Alchemist, Apothecary, Golem, Herbalist, Transmute ● Cellar, Festival, Militia, Poacher, Smithy

Chemistry Lesson: Alchemist, Golem, Philosopher’s Stone, University ● Bureaucrat, Market, Moat, Remodel, Vassal, Witch

Alchemy & Intrigue

Servants: Golem, Possession, Scrying Pool, Transmute, Vineyard ● Conspirator, Mill, Minion, Pawn, Steward

Secret Research: Familiar, Herbalist, Philosopher’s Stone, University ● Bridge, Masquerade, Minion, Nobles, Shanty Town, Torturer

Pools, Tools, & Fools: Apothecary, Apprentice, Gollum, Scrying Pool ● Baron, Iron Works, Lurker, Nobles, Trading Post, Wishing Well

Prosperity 2010

Prosperity Alone

Beginners: Bank, Counting House, Expand, Goons, Monument, Rabble, Royal Seal, Venture, Watchtower, Worker’s Village

Friendly Interactive: Bishop, City, Contraband, Forge, Hoard, Peddler, Royal Seal, Trade Route, Vault, Worker’s Village

Big Actions: City, Expand, Grand Market, King’s Court, Loan, Mint, Quarry, Rabble, Talisman, Vault

Prosperity & Dominion

Biggest Money: Bank, Grand Market, Mint, Royal Seal, Venture ● Artisan, Harbinger, Laboratory Mine, Moneylender

The Kings Army: Expand, Goons, King’s Court, Rabble, Vault ● Bureaucrat, Council Room, Merchant, Moat, Village

The Good Life: Contraband, Counting House, Hoard, Monument, Mountebank ● Artisan, Bureaucrat, Cellar, Gardens, Village

Prosperity & Intrigue

Paths to Victory: Bishop, Counting House, Goons, Monument, Peddler ● Baron, Harem, Pawn,         Shanty Town, Upgrade

All Along the Watchtower: Hoard, Talisman, Trade route, Vault, Watchtower ● Bridge, Mill,           Mining Village, Pawn, Torturer

Luck Seven: Bank, Expand, Forge, King’s Court, Vault ● Bridge, Lurker, Patrol, Swindler, Wishing Well

Cornucopia 2011

Cornucopia & Dominion

Bounty of the Hunt: Harvest, Horn of Plenty, Hunting Party, Menagerie, Tournament ● Cellar, Festival, Militia, Moneylender, Smithy

Bad Omens: Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Horn of Plenty, Jester, Remake ● Bureaucrat, Laboratory, Merchant, Poacher, Throne Room

The Jester’s Workshop: Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Horse Traders, Jester, Young Witch + Bane: Merchant ● Artisan, Laboratory, Marker, Remodel, Workshop

Cornucopia & Intrigue

Last Laughs: Farming Village, Harvest, Horse Traders, Hunting Party, Jester ● Minion, Nobles, Pawn, Steward, Swindler

The Spice of Life: Fairgrounds, Horn of Plenty, Remake, Tournament, Young Witch + Bane: Wishing Well ● Courtier, Courtyard, Diplomat, Mining Village, Replace

Small Victories: Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Hunting Party, Remake, Tournament ● Conspirator, Duke, Harem, Pawn, Secret Passage


Hinterlands 2011

Hinterlands Alone

Introduction: Cache, Crossroads, Develop, Haggler, Jack of all Trades, Margrave, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Spice Merchant, Stables

Fair Trades: Border Village, Cartographer, Develop, Duchess, Farmland, Ill-Gotten Gains, Noble Brigand, Silk Road, Stables, Trader

Bargains: Border Village, Cache, Duchess, Fool’s Gold, Haggler, Highway, Nomad Camp, Scheme, Spice Merchant, Trader

Gambits: Cartographer, Crossroads, Embassy, Inn, Jack of All Trades, Mandarin, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Oracle, Tunnel




Hinterlands & Dominion

Highway Robbery: Highway, Inn, Margrave, Noble Brigand, Oasis ● Cellar, Library, Moneylender, Throne Room, Workshop

Adventures Abroad: Crossroads, Farmland, Fool’s Gold, Oracle, Spice Merchant ● Festival, Laboratory, Remodel, Sentry, Vassal

Hinterlands & Intrigue

Money for Nothing: Cache, Cartographer, Jack of All Trades, Silk Road, Tunnel ● Replace, Patrol, Pawn, Shanty Town, Torturer

The Duke’s Ball: Duchess, Haggler, Inn, Noble Brigand, Scheme ● Conspirator, Duke, Harem, Masquerade, Upgrade

Hinterlands Seaside                        

Travelers: Cutpurse, Island, Lookout, Merchant Ship, Warehouse ● Cartographer, Crossroads, Farmland, Silk Road, Stables

Diplomacy: Ambassador, Bazaar, Caravan, Embargo, Smugglers ● Embassy, Farmland, Ill-Gotten Gains, Noble Brigand, Trader

Hinterlands & Alchemy

Schemes and Dreams: Apothecary, Apprentice, Herbalist, Philosopher’s Stone, Transmute ● Duchess, Fool’s Gold, Ill-Gotten Gains, Jack of All Trades, Scheme

Wine Country: Apprentice, Familiar, Golem, University, Vineyard ● Crossroads, Farmland, Haggler, Highway, Nomad Camp

Hinterlands & Prosperity

Instant Gratification: Bishop, Expand, Hoard, Mint, Watchtower ● Farmland, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Noble Brigand, Trader

Treasure Trove: Bank, Monument, Royal Sea, Trade Route, Venture ● Cache, Develop, Fool’s Gold, Ill-Gotten Gains, Mandarin

Hinterlands & Cornucopia

Blue Harvest: Hamlet, Horn of Plenty, Horse Traders, Jester, Tournament ● Fool’s Gold, Mandarin, Noble Brigand, Trader, Tunnel

Traveling Circus: Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Hunting Party, Jester, Menagerie ● Border Village, Embassy, Fool’s Gold, Nomad Camp, Oasis


Dark Ages 2012

Dark Ages Alone

Grim Parade: Armory, Band Misfits, Catacombs, Cultist, Forager, Fortress, Knights, Market Square, Procession, Hunting Grounds

Playing Chess with Death: Bandit Camp, Graverobber, Junk Dealer, Mystic, Pillage, Rats, Sage, Scavenger, Storeroom, Vagrant

Dark Ages & Dominion

High & Low: Hermit, Hunting Grounds, Mystic, Poor House, Wandering Minstrel ● Cellar, Moneylender, Throne Room, Witch, Workshop

Chivalry & Revelry: Altar, Knights, Rats, Scavenger, Squire ● Festival, Gardens, Laboratory, Library, Remodel

Dark Ages & Intrigue

Prophecy: Armory, Ironmonger, Mystic, Rebuild, Vagrant ● Baron, Conspirator, Nobles, Secret Passage, Wishing Well

Invasion: Beggar, Marauder, Rogue, Squire, Urchin ● Diplomat, Harem, Swindler, Torturer, Upgrade

Dark Ages & Seaside

Watery Graves: Count, Graverobber, Hermit, Scavenger, Urchin ● Native Village, Pirate Ship, Salvager, Treasure Map, Treasury

Peasants: Death Cart, Feodum, Poor House, Urchin, Vagrant ● Fishing Village, Haven, Island, Lookout, Warehouse

Dark Ages & Alchemy

Infestations: Armory, Cultist, Feodum, Market Square, Rats, Wandering Minstrel ● Apprentice, Scrying Pool, Transmute, Vineyard

Lamentations: Beggar, Catacombs, Counterfeit, Forager, Ironmonger, Pillage ● Apothecary, Golem, Herbalist, University

Dark Ages & Prosperity                                                                                                      

One Man’s Trash: Counterfeit, Forager, Graverobber, Market Square, Rogue ● City, Grand Market, Monument, Talisman, Venture

Honor Among Thieves: Bandit Camp, Procession, Rebuild, Rogue, Squire ● Forge, Hoard, Peddler, Quarry, Watchtower

Dark Ages & Cornucopia

Dark Carnival: Band of Misfits, Cultist, Fortress, Hermit, Junk Dealer, Knights ● Fairgrounds, Hamlet, Horn of Plenty, Menagerie

To the Victor: Bandit Camp, Counterfeit, Death Cart, Marauder, Pillage, Sage ● Harvest, Hunting Party, Remake, Tournament

Dark Ages & Hinterlands

Farm From Home: Beggar, Count, Feodum, Marauder, Wandering Minstrel ● Cartographer, Develop, Embassy, Fool’s Gold, Haggler

Expeditions: Altar, Catacombs, Ironmonger, Poor House, Storeroom ● Crossroads, Farmland, Highway, Spice Merchant, Tunnel

Guilds 2013

Guilds & Dominion

Arts & Crafts: Stonemason, Advisor, Baker, Journeyman, Merchant Guild ● Laboratory, Cellar, Workshop, Festival, Moneylender

Clean Living: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Doctor, Soothsayer ● Bandit, Militia, Moneylender, Gardens, Village

Gilding  the Lily: Plaza, Masterpiece, Candlestick Maker, Taxman, Herald ● Library, Merchant, Remodel, Market, Sentry

Guilds & Intrigue

Name That Card: Baker, Doctor, Plaza, Advisor, Masterpiece ● Courtyard, Harem, Nobles, Replace, Wishing Well

Tricks of the Trade: Stonemason, Herald, Soothsayer, Journeyman, Butcher ● Conspirator, Masquerade, Mill, Nobles, Secret Passage

Decisions, Decisions: Merchant Guild, Candlestick Maker, Masterpiece, Taxman, Butcher ● Bridge, Pawn, Mining Village, Upgrade, Duke

Adventures 2015

Adventures Only

Gentle Intro: Scouting Party ● Amulet, Distant Lands, Dungeon, Duplicate, Giant, Hireling, Port, Ranger Ratcatcher, Treasure Trove

Expert Intro: Mission, Plan ● Caravan Guard, Coin of the Realm, Haunted Woods, Lost City, Magpie, Peasant, Raze, Swamp Hag, Tansmogrify, Wine Merchant

Adventures & Dominion

Level Up: Training ● Dungeon, Gear, Guide, Lost City, Miser ● Market, Merchant, Militia, Throne Room, Workshop

Son of Size Distortion: Bonfire, Raid ● Amulet, Duplicate, Giant, Messenger, Treasure Trove ● Bandit, Bureaucrat, Gardens, Moneylender, Witch

Adventures & Intrigue

Royalty Factory: Pilgrimage ● Bridge Troll, Duplicate, Page, Raze, Royal Carriage ● Conspirator, Courtier, Harem, Nobles, Swindler

Masters of Finance: Ball, Borrow ● Artificer, Distant Lands, Gear, Transmogrify, Wine Merchant  ● Bridge, Pawn, Shanty Town, Steward, Upgrade

Adventures & Seaside

Prince of Orange: Mission ● Amulet, Dungeon, Haunted Woods, Page, Swamp Hag ● Caravan,       Fishing Village, Merchant Ship, Tactician, Treasure Map

Gifts & Mathoms: Expedition, Quest ● Bridge Troll, Caravan Guard, Hireling, Lost City, Messenger ● Ambassador, Embargo, Haven, Salvager, Smugglers

Adventures & Alchemy

Haste Potion: Plan ● Magpie, Messenger, Port, Royal Carriage, Treasure Trove ● Apprentice,          Scrying Pool, Transmute, University, Vineyard

Cursecatchers: Save, Trade ● Amulet, Bridge Troll, Caravan Guard, Peasant, Ratcatcher ● Apothecary, Familiar, Golem, Herbalist, Philosopher’s Stone

Adventures & Prosperity (use Platinum & Colony)

Last Will & Monument: Inheritance ● Coin of the Realm, Dungeon, Messenger, Relic, Treasure Trove ● Bishop, Counting House, Monument, Rabble, Vault

Think Big: Ball, Ferry ● Distant Lands, Giant, Hireling, Miser, Storyteller ● Contraband, Expand, Hoard, King’s Court, Peddler

Adventures & Cornucopia

The Hero’ Return: Travelling Fair ● Artificer, Miser, Page, Ranger, Relic ● Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Horse Traders, Jester, Menagerie

Seacraft & Witchcraft: Ferry, Seaway ● *Guide, Peasant, Storyteller, Swamp Hag, Transmogrify, Wine Merchant ● Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Horn of Plenty, Tournament, Young Witch (*Guide is Bane)

Adventures & Guilds

Spendthrift: Lost Arts ● Artificer, Gear, Magpie, Miser, Storyteller ● Doctor, Masterpiece,            Merchant Guild, Soothsayer, Stonemason

Queen of the Tan: Pathfinding, Save ● Coin of the Realm, Duplicate, Guide, Ratcatcher, Royal Carriage ● Advisor, Butcher, Candlestick Maker, Herald, Journeyman

Adventures & Hinterlands

Traders & Raiders: Raid ● Haunted Woods, Lost City, Page, Port, Wine Merchant ● Develop, Farmland, Haggler, Spice Merchant, Trader

Journeys: Expedition, Inheritance ● Bridge Troll, Distant Lands, Giant, Guide, Ranger ● Cartographer, Crossroads, Highway, Inn, Silk Road

Adventures &  Dark Ages (use Shelters)

Cemetery Polka: Alms ● Amulet, Caravan Guard, Hireling, Peasant, Relic ● Graverobber, Marauder, Procession, Rogue, Wandering Minstrel

Groovy Decay: Lost Arts, Pathfinding ● Dungeon, Haunted Woods, Ratcatcher, Raze, Transmogrify ● Cultist, Death Cart, Fortress, Knights, Rats

Adventures & Empires

Area Control: Banquet, Keep ● Capital, Catapult/Rocks, Charm, Crown, Farmers’ Market ●                 Coin of the Realm, Page, Relic, Treasure Trove, Wine Merchant

No Money No Problems: Bandit Fort, Mission ● Archive, Encampment/Plunder, Royal Blacksmith, Temple, Villa ● Dungeon, Duplicate, Hireling, Peasant, Transmogrify

Empires 2016  

Empires Alone

Basic Intro: Tower, Wedding ● Castles, Chariot Race, City Quarter, Engineer, Farmers’ Market, Forum, Legionary, Patrician/Emporium, Sacrifice, Villa

Advanced Intro: Arena, Triumphal Arch ● Archive, Capital, Catapult/Rocks, Crown, Enchantress, Gladiator/Fortune, Groundskeeper, Royal Blacksmith, Settlers/Bustling Village, Temple

Empires & Dominion

Everything in Moderation: Orchard, Windfall ●Enchantress, Forum, Legionary, Overlord, Temple ● Cellar, Library, Remodel, Village, Workshop

Silver Bullets: Aqueduct, Conquest ● Catapult/Rocks, Charm, Farmers’ Market, Groundskeeper, Patrician/Emporium ● Bureaucrat, Gardens, Laboratory, Market, Moneylender

Empires & Intrigue

Delicious Torture: Arena, Banquet ● Castles, Crown, Enchantress, Sacrifice, Settlers/Bustling Village ● Baron, Bridge, Harem, Ironworks, Torturer

Buddy System: Salt of the Earth, Wolf Den ● Archive, Capital, Catapult/Rocks, Engineer, Forum ● Masquerade, Mining Village, Nobles, Pawn, Trading Post

Empires & Seaside

Boxed In: Wall, Tax ● Castles, Chariot Race, Encampment/Plunder, Enchantress, Gladiator/Fortune ● Salvager, Smugglers, Tactician, Warehouse, Wharf

King of the Sea: Delve, Fountain ● Archive, Farmers’ Market, Overlord, Temple, Wild Hunt ● Explorer, Haven, Native Village, Pirate Ship, Sea Hag

Empires & Alchemy

Collectors: Colonnade, Museum ● City Quarter, Crown, Encampment/Plunder, Enchantress,          Farmers’ Market ● Apothecary, Apprentice, Herbalist, Transmute, University

Empires & Prosperity (use Platinum/Colony)

Big Time: Dominate, Obelisk ● Capital, Gladiator/Fortune, Patrician/Emporium, Royal Blacksmith, Villa ● Bank, Forge, Grand Market, Loan, Royal Seal

Gilded Gates: Basilica, Palace ● Chariot Race, City Quarter, Encampment/Plunder, Groundskeeper,     Wild Hunt ● Bishop, Monument, Mint, Peddler, Talisman

Empires & Cornucopia:

Zookeepers: Annex, Colonnade ● Overlord, Sacrifice, Settlers/Bustling Village, Villa, Wild Hunt ● Fairgrounds, Horse Traders, Menagerie, Jester, Tournament

Empires & Guilds:

Cash Flow: Baths, Mountain Pass ● Castles, City Quarter, Engineer, Gladiator/Fortune, Royal Blacksmith ● Baker, Butcher, Doctor, Herald, Soothsayer

Empires & Hinterlands:

Simple Plans: Donate, Labyrinth ● Catapult/Rocks, Forum, Patrician/Emporium, Temple, Villa ●      Border Village, Develop, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Stables

Expansion: Battlefield, Fountain ● Castles, Charm, Encampment/Plunder, Engineer, Legionary ●     Cache, Farmland, Highway, Spice Merchant, Tunnel

Empires & Dark Ages (use Shelters)

Tomb of the Rat King: Advance, Tomb ● Castles, Chariot Race, City Quarter, Legionary, Sacrifice ● Death Cart, Fortress, Pillage, Rats, Storeroom

Triumph of the Bandit King: Defiled Shrine, Triumph ● Capital, Charm, Engineer, Groundskeeper, Legionary ● Bandit Camp, Catacombs, Hunting Grounds, Market Square, Procession

The Squire’s Ritual: Museum, Ritual ● Archive, Catapult/Rocks, Crown, Patrician/Emporium, Settlers/Bustling Village ● Feodum, Hermit, Ironmonger, Rogue, Squire

Empires & Adventures

Area Control: Banquet, Keep ● Capital, Catapult/Rocks, Charm, Crown, Farmers’ Market ●                  Coin of the Realm, Page, Relic, Treasure Trove, Wine Merchant

No Money No Problems: Bandit Fort, Mission ● Archive, Encampment/Plunder, Royal Blacksmith, Temple, Villa ● Dungeon, Duplicate, Hireling, Peasant, Transmogrify


Nocturne 2017

I don’t have this set



Renaissance 2018

Renaissance Alone

Overture: Fair ● Acting Troupe, Experiment, Flag Bearer, Hideout, Improve, Inventor, Lackeys,            Old Witch, Seer, Treasurer

Prelude: Citadel, Star Chart ● Border Guard, Cargo Ship, Ducat, Mountain Village, Priest, Recruiter, Sculptor, Silk Merchant, Swashbuckler, Villain

Renaissance & Dominion

It Takes a Villager: Road Network ● Acting Troupe, Cargo Ship, Recruiter, Seer, Treasurer ● Market, Merchant, Mine, Smithy, Vassal

Capture the Flag: Barracks, Pageant ● Flag Bearer, Lackeys, Scholar, Swashbuckler, Villain ● Cellar, Festival, Harbinger, Remodel, Workshop

Renaissance & Intrigue

Memento Mori: Citadel ● Experiment, Flag Bearer, Patron, Recruiter, Silk Merchant ● Ironworks, Lurker, Patrol, Swindler, Upgrade

Clockwork Court: Fleet, Sinister Plot ● Acting Troupe, Inventor, Research, Scepter, Scholar ●        Courtier, Mining Village, Nobles, Replace, Steward

Renaissance & Seaside

Free Shipping: Innovation ● Acting Troupe, Cargo Ship, Lackeys, Research, Spices ● Embargo, Island, Outpost, Smugglers, Wharf

Digging for Treasure: Crop Rotation, Silos ● Border Guard, Flag Bearer, Inventor, Sculptor, Swashbuckler ● Caravan, Native Village, Salvager, Tactician, Treasure Map

Renaissance & Alchemy

Peek-a-Boo: Cathedral ● Cargo Ship, Improve, Lackeys, Patron, Sculptor, Silk Merchant ● Alchemist, Apothecary, Golem, Scrying Pool

Renaissance & Prosperity: (use Platinum/Colony)

Dreamers of Dream: Academy ● Cargo Ship, Old Witch, Priest, Scepter, Scholar ● Expand, Monument, Fault, Watchtower, Worker’s Village

Movers & Shakers: Capitalism, Citadel ● Hideout, Patron, Research, Treasurer, Villain ● Bank, City, Grand Market, Loan, Rabble

Renaissance & Hinterlands

Sweetened Deals: Silos ● Flag Bearer, Lackeys, Mountain Village, Silk Merchant, Spices ●     Cartographer, Develop, Farmland, Haggler, Spice Merchant

A Penny Saved: Barracks, Guildhall ● Ducat, Patron, Scepter, Seer, Swashbuckler ● Cache, Crossroads, Noble Brigade, Oasis, Trader

Renaissance & Dark Ages: (use Shelters)

Stargazing: Star Chart ● Border Guard, Patron, Seer, Silk Merchant, Swashbuckler ●                        Hermit, Mystic, Procession, Sage, Wandering Minstrel

Sewer Rats: Crop Rotation, Sewers ● Flag Bearer, Improve, Lackeys, Mountain Village, Research ● Count, Counterfeit, Cultist, Graverobber, Rats

Renaissance & Cornucopia

Combo Corner: Canal ● Ducat, Experiment, Hideout, Sculptor, Seer ● Herald, Horn of Plenty,            Horse Traders, Jester, Stonemason

Renaissance & Guilds

Filling the Coffers: City Gate, Star Chart ● Priest, Recruiter, Spices, Swashbuckler, Treasurer ●         Baker, Butcher, Menagerie, Merchant Guild, Plaza

Renaissance & Adventures

Progress: (R) Piazza● (A) Training● Experiment, Improve, Recruiter, Seer, Silk Merchant ●          Hireling, Ranger, Raze, Swamp Hag, Transmogrify

Once Upon a Time: (R) Innovation● (A) Ferry● Acting Troupe, Lackeys, Priest, Sculptor, Spices ● Distant Lands, Duplicate, Haunted Woods, Royal Carriage, Storyteller

Renaissance & Empires

Exploring the City: (R) Exploration● (E) Battlefield/landmark ● Cargo Ship, Experiment,               Mountain Village, Priest, Sculptor ● City Quarter, Farmers’ Market, Groundskeeper, Sacrifice, Wild Hunt

Navigating the Sewers: (R) Sewers ● (E) Ritual ● Acting Troupe, Flag Bearer, Improve, Old Witch, Scepter ● Chariot Race, Enchantress, Gladiator, Patrician, Villa

Renaissance & Nocturne

Becoming a Monster: Exploration ● Experiment, Mountain Village, Old Witch, Research, Spices ● Devil’s Workshop, Monastery, Shepherd, Skulk, Tragic Hero

True Believers: Cathedral, Piazza ● Border Guard, Cargo Ship, Scholar, Sculptor, Villain ● Blessed Village, Crypt, Faithful Hound, Sacred Grove, Secret Cave

Menagerie 2020  I don’t have this set