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This card has been playtested and is not broken. It is slightly risky but has potential for good payoff. It has only been playtested 2 player and works. It might be slightly better in 3 or 4 player games as you may have a better chance of someone buying a gold.

Card Description[]

Sleight of Hand

Action - Reaction

Cost: 4 Coins

Text: +1 Coin / If another player buys a treasure card, you may reveal and discard this card from your hand. If you do, gain the same treasure, putting it in your hand.


This card was developed as a want for a reaction that wasn't in response to an attack. It originally started at cost three and you kept the card in hand with a +2 coin as the action portion. This seemed ok until late game when players were gaining a gold and playing this for +2 coins. A junk hand turned into a province buy and it seemed a little too powerful. The action portion was knocked down to +1 coin and the price was upped to 4 coins, and you still kept the card in hand after the reaction. Gaining a gold, putting it in your hand and +1 from the action was again still too powerful even with the price of the card at 4. Finally we decided that the reaction had to be discarded if you gained a treasure. This balanced it out quite well. We also decided to leave it only as +1 coin for the action to make it a riskier card to take as it is a very weak action at cost 4, but a very strong reaction.

Essentially, this card will gain you some gold in the mid game. Late game when people are buying VP cards, this can actually clog up your hand. Just like any kingdom card, this card has risk and reward. We like it! Please give us your feedback! Deftonesjunkie3 13:57, March 30, 2010 (UTC)


Interesting Card, I like the fact the reaction doesn't react to attacks.

lots of official reaction cards do that already.

Custom cards that do such things are somewhat common; I don't currently know of one with wide acceptence among fans. (Says the guy who came up with something as poorly-thought as this.) This one looks neat, I'll have to try it. (Part of the issue with these kinds of cards is that they should perhaps be considered Action-Reaction-Attacks, hence blockable by Reactions. But that could set up a chain Reaction, so to speak…) 23:35, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
I wouldn't consider this an attack. Is Smugglers an attack? It's certainly about the same - only difference being this card puts the treasure into your hand. Deftonesjunkie3 19:36, April 14, 2010 (UTC)