Dominion (Card Game) Wiki
Type Action
Effect The player to your left reveals then discards the top 2 cards of his deck. For each differently named card revealed, if it is an Action card, +2 Actions; Treasure Card +2 Coins; Victory Card, +2 Cards.
Cost 5 Coins
Set Intrigue
Illustration Matthias Catrein

Additional Rules from the Rulebook[]

If the player after you has fewer than 2 cards left in his deck, he reveals all the cards in his deck, shuffles his discard pile (which does not include currently revealed cards), and then reveals the remainder needed. The player then discards the revealed cards. If the player after you does not have enough cards to reveal 2, he reveals what he can. You get bonuses for the types of cards revealed, counting only the different cards. A card with 2 types gives you both bonuses. So if the player to your left reveals Copper and Harem, you get +4 coins and +2 cards; if he reveals 2 Silvers, you just get +2 coins. Curse produces no bonus.

The Secret History of Tribute[]

In an article on Board Game Geek, Donald X. Vaccarino commented on the development of Tribute:

I took this from the 4th set, as a natural fit here due to the cards with two types. The original version had each adjacent player reveal their top card. I changed that to one player so it would work in 2-player games, and then changed it to discard when Thief changed to discard. Once it changed to discarding it could have gone back to hitting adjacent players and would have worked in 2-player games. I kept this version though, because it seemed a little more interesting, and because the player to your left is more likely to not be shuffling. Also the original didn't say "differently named," but that was essential to keep the card from being too strong early in a game.[1]