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From : We have just finished printing a new promo card that is a celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Carcassonne beling selected as Spiel des Jahres. We will be offering it at our sales booths at Origins and Gencon and it will later be available through retail stores and BGG. It will also be available soon from our other-language partners.

From The German Promo Card is named "Carcassonne" and will be given away with a Carcassonne Mini-Expansion "Die Schule"/"The School" for a fee of 3 Euros at SPIEL'11 in Essen. The collected fees will be donated to the 'Rainbow over Ghana' fundation and will be used to realize a school-project at Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana.

Walled Village
Type Action
Effect At the start of Clean-up, if you have this and no more than one other action card in play, you may put this on the top of your deck.
Cost 4
Set Promo
Illustration Doris Matthaus